Michelson Law Group has an uncommon passion for excellence in legal representation and mediation. Randy Michelson, an expert in all areas of financial distress, has been a leader in the field of business reorganization and restructuring for over two decades. In recent years, she has been selected to mediate commercial disputes of many types and has amassed an outstanding track record as a mediator.

Legal Representation

Randy Michelson has practiced extensively in all areas of business bankruptcy and financial restructuring. Michelson Law Group’s practice is devoted primarily to representing:

- Financially troubled businesses, both in and out of court
- Trustees
- Receivers
- Creditors
- Creditors' committees
- Buyers and sellers of distressed assets

Commercial Mediation

There are times when litigation is not the answer. At its very best, litigation is a torturous, expensive, stressful and unpredictable way to settle disputes. Courts at every level encourage or require litigants to participate in mediation, arbitration, early neutral evaluation, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. There is good reason for this: it works. Virtually every frequent user of the legal system can recount settlements reached in mediation of cases that all parties and their attorneys had been certain never could be settled. And many others that settled as well.

As a mediator, Randy Michelson works to facilitate consensual resolution of every type of commercial case.